Friday, October 23, 2015

Crash Landing: A Sequence Sketched c. 1998

More new wine in old wine skins, or vice versa: This weekend I'm refining sketches made circa 1998 of a sequence that follows Border Worlds: Marooned #1 (Kitchen Sink Press, 1990) involving my heroine Jenny Woodlore in a perilous dramatic sequence. This was an unusually detailed series of sketches that I set aside for a complexity of reasons, but never completely forgot about it, and through the miracle of scanning, resizing, and tracing, very little needs to be done to refine the art and make it ready for inking. For those of you who have followed my various blogs in the past two years, you already know that since my PhD in 2013 (ending a decade of college and grad school), I've scoured my sketchbooks for inventory material worthy of dusting off and making presentable in this fashion, and have employed a variety of creative reclamation techniques (including inking on vellum, light-tabling, etc. -- a recent post on a Ms. Megaton Man sketch is a good example). Generally I've approached this as an experiment (and not because I've run out of fresh ideas -- I hope!), and an effort to square the books creatively (and getting back into cartooning) before undertaking new projects or beginning new material with existing characters. This scene represents just about the last significant chunk of material amenable to this reclamation process. Ironically, the final result may see print before some of the all-new Megaton Man material I've been working on recently. Stay tuned for more...

Update 10/25/2015: A few more shots of 2015 tissue refinements and the original 1998 sketches.

Note: I have used this method on all-new material; a good example is parts of War of the Independents #4 (forthcoming from Red Anvil Comics in 2016)!

See the original sketch sequence here.