Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Pinsen in Pursuit: New Pencils for 2016!

Brand new 2015 pencil roughs (not derived from old sketchbooks for a change!) for the complete, collected Border Worlds, coming in fall 2016 from Dover Publications! There will be 30 new pages of material (basically, a complete new issue of Border Worlds, with all the previous issues as well as the original Megaton Man back-up features tacked on behind it!). Here are some incomplete glimpses of scenes with Pinsen and Drake and Cody Revell, about to be deported back to earth, and Jenny getting back on her feet after plummeting several stories due to a jetpack failure. (I would put a spoiler alert on this but you'd have to have the storyline from the 1986-1990 comic fresh in your mind to figure out what is going on!) Dover is promising superb reproduction of both old and new material, as in their recent Puma Blues collection! More details TBA...

Drake and Cody Revell as prisoners about to be returned to earth.

Jenny after crashing (literally and figuratively) awakens to a new reality.

A make-up gift from Arcameon's most notorious smuggler!

Some of the rough layouts in light blue Col-Erase and graphite pencil on layout bond, next to my Trollopian output checklist on a clipboard.
If you would like to own an original drawing of Jenny or any of the Border Worlds cast, please visit the Don Simpson Commission Art Price List page and contact me!

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